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I want to ask about the compatibility. I'm planning to buy HDD 2 TB for my desktop. Some friends told me they has problem with HDD over 1TB. Some system only detecting it as 75GB, some show error and burden the other components. Don't know if they want to bully me or something, I never heard it honestly.

Please give me opinion about this one. My PC is AMD Athlon X2 7550, MB A780-GMA, Memory 4GB, on Windows 7 32Bit, VGA 8600GT 512MB. Many thanks
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  1. 2TB drive should work fine with windows 7 32bit anything larger you will require 64bit windows 7
  2. Older systems won't detect the drive, you may want to contact your motherboard manufacture and see if the motherboard supports 2TB. I have an '08 system that won't detect my 2TB hdd, but works as an external. But i made a new build that supports it.
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    According to the A780GM-A Ultra motherboard manual ...

    ... its chipset incorporates an AMD 780G NorthBridge and an AMD SB750 SouthBridge.

    The A780GM-A (V1.0) uses a different southbridge, namely the AMD SB700:

    I suggest you look in Device Manager to determine which chipset you have, and then update its drivers.

    I don't know whether the following URL is safe, but it looks promising:

    Some early chipsets, eg NVIDIA NForce, had a 1TiB limitation in their drivers, but a driver update resolved the issue in those cases.
  4. Mine is A780GM-A non ultra with southbridge SB700. I have read the manual but never find limit information, and I never see it on Google too.
  5. How old is your system? I think anything after 2010 is safe for 2TB hard drives.. i would try the drivers out too but only after you find yourself that the hard drive doesn't work.
  6. I think my system is about 2010, as I know A780GMA is around that year.
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