What is the difference between a fast and a slow ssd

I going to buy for my upgrade but i wonder if you use ssd for boot drive and some programs on it could you feel the difference in performance, for example between Samsung 830 64gb and Agility 3 64gb.
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  1. The Samsung 830 is the better performing SSD and get a 128gb instead of the 64gb.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I know Samsung 830 is better but as a boot drive can you feel the difference between samsung 830 and agility 3 ? The agility 3 is much cheaper so if the difference is not noticeable then agility 3 would be better :D
  3. I saw some OCZ diing, so I think Samsung will maybe the better long term champion regarding lifetime. I would go with Samsung in terms reliability, also I would recommend the 128 GB model.
  4. Thanks. Samsung 830 is better in performance and reliability. But is there a huge difference in system responsiveness, boot time, shut down time,... between a samsung 830 and a agility 3 (not how fast they read//write)
    I like the 830 but i just want to make sure what i really pay for. :D
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    There is no real world difference. OCZ makes great and affordable SSDs. 120/128 GB seems to be the SSD sweet spot, you might find yourself out of room with the 64GB. Only difference you will see between SSD's are the benchmark numbers. Mushkin is also making a strong impact on the affrodable SSD market.
  6. Get a Kingston HyperX 3k 120gb, I did A LOT of research coming from an old-school RaptorX and this one blows away 99% of the other ssd's in the same price tier. I snagged one for $85 including a $35 rebate and it is absolutely jaw dropping instant fast. Tomshardware ranked it very high on their list for price/performance, best buy for the money IMO.

    Great durability, amazing speed, good price, snag it and be impressed.
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