Which case should i pick

trying to fit two of these cards that are 9'' long
evga 9800gt

which case should i pick i like the case 1 but not sure if it willl fit in there (couldn't find a good review)

i really like the first one but need to know
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  1. Considering the second one is unavilble *at-least on newegg* I would have to go with the first one =p.

    You can't buy stuff that is out of stock.
  2. At one time, I researched such a build. As I recall, you should have no problems with case #1.

    The case I liked best was the lian li V351. It can handle cards up to 285mm which is 11". The cooling is better with two 120mm intake fans. It is aluminum which reduces weight.

    Another similar case you might research is the silverstone sugo cases.
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