Cannot install graphics card in DELL Inspiron 530

I tried a Radeon HD4650 first, but it kept saying I needed to be logged in as admin, which I was. Their tech support wasn't any help so I returned it and got a Galaxy Nvidia GeForce 200 series card. this one would just reboot over and over before I even got to the splash screen. I'm not a gamer, would like to enjoy my 24" monitor a little more. I don't want to upgrade the PSU so anyone have any suggestions or ideas what I can do here?

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  1. Your Dell Inspiron 530 only has a 300 watt PSU, it may be a power problem in regards to your 200 series card (you might want to be more specific in WHICH 200 series card you're using). The 4650 uses very little power, so it was probably a separate issue on your computer when you had the 4650 in there. A GTS 250 can use up to 150 watts by itself.

    Which 200 series card are you using?
  2. IMHO: To use that card in that machine, you need a new PSU.

    I'd try a Radeon 5770, it use alot less power (only 1 PCIe plug). 18W idle, 70W max?
  3. If it keeps rebooting over and over sounds like it could easily be a power issue, i would imagine most 200 series cards need more than 300watts and, being a prebuilt machine its likely the PSU isnt the best quality anyway - I use a good quality 450w PSU and im not 100% sure the 5770 i want to order will work with it. If your not a gamer (and don't intend to be) you could consider getting a lower end card that would still give you some nice features but would use less power and obviously not be so good for gaming - for example my 8400gs is terrible for gaming (it gets by however) but i have had it since my old compaq and i run 1920x1200 resolution on my 23" monitor, hdmi as well :)
  4. 5770 should have a 500 watt PSU just to be safe, but it can run on a 400 OK.

  5. Guess I'll have to look into a new PSU which I was hoping to avoid. Thanks for the replies guys :-)
  6. While I'm thinking of it, what PSU would you guys recommend for this box? 500 or is 450 enough? I'm always leery that I won't have enough of the right kind of power connectors for a particular box.

  7. The cost difference now a days between a 500 and a 450 is so negligible, that as long as both power supplies can actually fit inside the case, just go with a 500.
  8. I would go with a 9600 GT(runs fine on 300 watts) or just buy a new PSU.
  9. Hello again,
    I got a Corsair 650TX psu and a Nvidia 9400GT card. I installed everything and initially had the highest resolution the card would allow. I rebooted and now I only have 640x480 and I cannot get it off that setting. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? This is the last time I'll try this and if I can't get it to work I'll just return everything and leave it as is. Maybe it wasn't meant to be ;-)

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