$1500 Gaming/Balanced (New Builder)

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Soon, Today if I get enough thumbs up.
SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming,Video Editing,Encoding,Photo Editing,Office

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard,Mouse,Monitor



OVERCLOCKING: Some (not super aggressive), Intended crossfire in the future

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I've never built on my own before, purchased from Cyberpower previously and was looking to get better parts for the same money. I'm looking for advice on getting better performance for the money and a double check that I'm doing things right, since I'm new at this.

MB & OS Combo (289.98): GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD3R & Windows 7 OEM
Video & Proc Combo (574.98): HIS ATI 5850 & Intel Core i7-930
Case & Power Supply Combo (158.98): COOLER MASTER RC-692-KKN2 CM690 II & COOLER MASTER GX Series RS750-ACAAE3-US 750W
Cooler (79.99) :H50
Memory (219.99): Mushkin Redline 6GB
Thermal Grease (9.99): Arctic Silver 5
HDD (79.99): Samsung Spinpoint 1TB
Optical (19.99): Sony DVD Burner

Total: $1429.89
I think I've done my research pretty well, but again, since this is my first build, I'd really like some of you experts to weigh in. I really appreciate the help.
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  1. Looks great to me!
    You've definitely have done your research.
    Nice case! a have the Basic version it's easy to work on and has lots of room.
  2. So I'm not missing anything? I should have the right cables, etc, to actually put this all together?
  3. Yes your mobo and psu will include all the required cables.
    I'm basing this on two complete builds in the last 6 months with no additional cables required.
    In fact you'll have extras.
  4. Ordered today, thanks for your help!
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