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Best Place to sell my Gaming Computer

Last response: in Systems
June 21, 2010 9:29:44 PM

Ok, well recently my big hard drive broke so im using the opportunity to sell ad make a new one.

My rig is as follows;

xfx 750i SLI motherboard
two 8800 GTS in sli mode
4 GB GEIL dual channel ram
550 watt PSU
intel pentium D dual core 3.46 GHz
LOTS of cooling,
in a coolermaster 330 elite case
linux ubuntu OS
nVidia sound blaster

any idea as to where i can i sell it ? please dont say ebay, the market there is saturated and i will not get a good price,
also, ebay charges extortionate fees

also, how much do you people think it's worth ? as it was £1000 new, i would guess its worth £400 now, and i was wanting £500 for the computer and a NEC monitor, a mouse, speakers

June 21, 2010 11:26:25 PM

You could look at your local craigslist type thing... That way, the buyer could come to your place of residence and take a look at what they're buying.

He knows what he's getting, you know what you're getting... Win win.