Good links for building a case from scratch


Does anyone have any good links for building a case from scratch?

Tried googling but not a lot came up.

Specifically, it would be good to find a site that details generic component measurements and a guide to how to make the initial case frame and what to make it out of?

Cheers all

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  1. There is not to much you will find on building a case I do know there are a few how to's on wooden cases, but besides that most people will buy a case and then just mod it to how they want. If you do a google search for PC case moding you will find plenty of info on that.
  2. +1 what Saaiello said.

    MonsterMawd is a regular here who often posts photos of his case mods. Here is a link to the Tom's Hardware thread with the latest project:

    You can also find his "how to" videos on You Tube:

    On top of that he also has a web site with case mod tutorials:
  3. Cheers lads

    Figured as much - so much work to make your own!
  4. Though if you want, heres some measurements of standard components.

    ATX mobo: 12 in x 9.6 in
    ATX PSU : 5.9 in x 3.4 in x variable length
    3.5 in HDD: 4 in x 1 in x 5.75 in
    5.25 bay: 5.75 in x 1.75 in x variable length
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