Starcraft 2 and the GTS 250?

Hi, after trying out the beta of Starcraft II, and since I ordered the full version of the game, I have decided I need a new graphics card so that I can play the game with all the settings on high. Anyways, I thought I would come here for advice because I am not too well versed with graphics cards. I'm been looking at this guide and I'm leaning towards the GTS 250; would this be a good choice? My preferred resolution is 1680x1050.

Also, I have a little more information. I want to spend around $100 on a card, not much more; I also need a card that obviously works with my computer. I just want to make sure that it will work with my Lenovo ThinkCentre A61. I also run Linux aside from Vista, so it would be preferable that it has drivers readily available for that.

Would this be a good buy? Or what are some other cards I should look at?

Thanks very much in advance.

EDIT: After looking at some other cards, I have seen that some have problems with 64 bit Win 7. Since I plan on upgrading soon, I would also like a card that did not have this problem.
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  1. I suggest an HD 4870.
    It is cheap and much more powerful than the GTS 250.

    On the other hand I am certain the 250 will easily play StarCaft II.
  2. Definitely looks like a nice card, but I'm not sure if I want to spend $160 + shipping since I only have a dual core 2.6 ghz CPU and 5 gigs of memory.

    Thanks for the suggestion; anybody have any other cards they recommend?
  3. As an alternative to the 4870, would be the 4850. This may be a somewhat lateral move, however, I have the xfx 4850 and a gts 250 in another comp and I must say they have very different personalities. The 4850 would be your ticket for around 100. I just literally tested your scenario and we have no lag and snappy action at that resolution.
  4. You may want to look at a 5770, however, if 100$ is the limit, a 4850.
  5. Read through this artical:,2611.html

    You'll find that the game is more CPU bound than GPU, but you still need a half way decent video card as well.
  6. gts 250 will be better because sc2 is more nvidia based and a gts 250 on sc2 is faster then a 4870 and almost as fast as a 4890 on sc2
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