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I received the parts for building my new PC today and have a question on how I should configure my HDDs.

I am loading WIN7 and Adobe CS5 Production Premiere on this PC that will be used primarily for amateur video production. The question has to do with the two Samsung F3 1TB HDDs that I ordered

Question: Should I load the software on one HDD and use the other for storage? or should I partition one HDD with about 100GB for software and the other 900GB for storage also? Or should I do a Raid of some sort? I greatley appreciate any advice as I want my system to operate efficiently.

My system looks like this if it is important to the issue:

AMD 955 Quadcore 3.3Mhz CPU
4GB DDR3 1333Mhz RAM

Thank you! -Michael
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    If you're happy with the speed that these drives provide, then just formatting them and using them how you please would work just fine. If you want a bit more performance, then partitioning the first ~80GB for the OS generally helps. If you wanna go all out, RAID0 would provide a significant increase in speed.
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