Samsung 830 256GB Slow Random read/write

I'm having some trouble with the samsung 830 SSD that I installed as well. Windows 7 wouldn't register it as in my system, even though Samsung Magician and the bios did. Then I used my windows disk to create a new partition for it, and then I exited out. After this I was able to format it in windows and it registered it.

Now when I tested the speed of it, the sequential read was 515, the write was about 490. Now when it came to the random read/write I was getting 58000 IOPS and 23000 IOPS respectively. These seem very low to me, is there something i'm doing wrong?

1) The bios was already in AHCI mode when I first booted up.
2) This is not the primary drive, my OCZ Vertex 3 has Windows on it and is performing at expected speeds.
3) It is plugged into the Intel 6GB/s port. (both are) with a 6GB/s Cable.
4) Firmware is up to date.
5) I have not installed my motherboard drivers yet, is there something that would speed it up? (Asus p8z68 vpro gen 3)

Thank you for all your help.
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  1. What did you use ATTO or AS SSD?
  2. I used Samsung Magic, or whatever program it comes with is. Should I attempt with one of those?
  3. Use AS SSD its the best.
  4. Then get back to us.
  5. Probably yes.
  6. Won't be able to attempt this until i'm out of work.

    One thing I forgot to note, when I boot up the system in post it says "No hard disk drive detected"

    But windows still boots, and I can see both my OCZ Vertex 3 boot drive, Samsung 830 and my samsung 1tb in "my computer".

    Is this a message simply because I have nothing plugged into the Marvell ports? Or is something wrong?
  7. Post your results after work and we will get back to you.
  8. Well I downloaded that program. And now it appears both SSDs are being slow, unless I'm reading them incorrectly.

    Samsung -
    OCZ -

    The only thing I did differently was install some more drivers, including the intel rapid storage driver. Should I not have done this?
  9. I also ran ATTO benchmark, and my results are on par with benchmarks from websites. Does that mean anything over the other one?
  10. ATTO is normally what manuf use to report resualts - They love it as it provides higher resualts than AS SSD.

    ATTO is a HDD benchmark, it uses Data that is Highly compressable. Unfornatunatly this does not reflect real usage as most data/files on an OS + Program lean mort toward being uncompressable. SFxx based SSDs love Highly compressable data, Howver their performance drops when data that is NOT readaly compressable. AS SSD uses data that Does NOT compress, hense lower score for say a vertex 3.

    Bottom Line is do NOT put a lot of stock in Benchmark vs real life performance. There are some benchmarks that are more realistic such as PC Mark vantage which is based on performance using real programs. AS SSD comes closeer than ATTO.

    Bottom Line, ans to question "does this mean ...." - Absolutly NOT.
    The only thing I did differently was install some more drivers, including the intel rapid storage drive.

    Dereck47 < read his info in the thread
  12. I did what he said before reading, I installed them from the disk. At first I thought I wasn't supposed to install them because of his first post, then he corrects himself saying he was commenting about SRT not RST.
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