Issues with Phenom II 965 Heat

Hello all, first post here.

I've built my first rig, and am going all hypochondriac on it, I suppose. I've got an Antec 900 case, a Phenom II X4 965, and on top of that a Zalman CNPS9500 for cooling, kept together by Arctic Silver's Ceramique. My big worry/issue is that I'm pretty sure I've used too much thermal "goo". The idle temp on the 965 is generally about 34 degrees, but under stress (I've tried the stress test that comes within the AMD Overdrive utility) it can get up to 58-59 degrees, which seems to be a bit high.

I'm not really too sure what the actual cause may be. I've got the case fans on medium, save for the topmost fan which is on high, and the Zaliman's at max. I've heard that Arctic Silver 5 may provide me a few more degrees, and as I'd mentioned, I think I may have put on too much of the Ceramique. Any suggestions, or steps I could take?
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    58 is perfectly normal for what you have.
  2. ^+1 I agree with the above statement.
  3. Hmm, okay. So that's normal... but from what I remember, 65 degrees is the uppermost limit for the chip. Is that accurate? And if so, is overclocking somewhat off-limits?

    Thanks for the quick response. :D
  4. 70 is top for comfort zone no damage will be done til above 100 but dont let it go above 70.
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