3 way SIL 8800 gtx

I have a 680i mobo and 2 8800gtx GPu's and a 22" monitor. I was thinking of buying another 8800 gtx, but was wondering if i would get any better performance on a 22" monitor worth the purchase of the new card. also i think if i do a 3 way Sli on this mo bo all three cards run at 8x pci instead of 16x ... is there enough preformance upgrade worth the purchase ???
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  1. It all depends on your resolution. I'm assuming your 22" runs at 1680x1050 or 1920x1080 - At those resolutions you should be set with just those two 8800GTX's, but If your looking into running multiple monitors, then a third one will never hurt.

    In short, a third 8800gtx may give you some of a performance increase, but you've already for two pretty powerful cards there
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