HDMI (1080p) not taking up my full screen ?

I just got my new card recently and this is the first time this has happened. I have my radeon which supports HDMI hooked up to my 23 inch acer which also supports HDMI but after installing the dirvers it doesnt take up the full screen, about 2 inches around the screen is black on the desktop and when also when i game. This is the first time im using straight HDMI to HDMI (I mean with no adapter) I had a GTS 250 at 1080p but was using a DVI to HDMI adapter with it. Anyway I can make it full screen ? Is it a CCC option or something ? thanks in advance !!
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  1. Under CCC choose Desktop and displays, Right click on monitor and choose configure, select the Scaling Options.

    Hope it helps
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