Would this bottleneck very badly?

I currently have a Intel P4 3.0GHZ single core CPU (terribad i know, but im upgrading in a month or so to a phenom II x4), and im buying a Radeon 5770 1gb ddr5 card for it. Just wondering how bad, if at all, it will bottleneck if i use the 5770 with my current P4 until i upgrade the mobo/cpu?

Btw i have a 520Watt PSU with the appropriate 75w pci connector so thats all covered.

any input would be grand thanks guys and gals
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  1. It entirely depends on the games you are playing. Most modern games use 2-3 CPU cores, so there would be a definite bottleneck with those games. But that's not to say they will be unplayable.
  2. It will, so I would suggest you upgrade all three together.
    Once the GTS450 comes out there might be 5770 price drops, and more choices, so Id say wait for now.
  3. I know its hard to wait, when you could have a brand new shiny video card right now!!!...but it would be in the best interest of your wallet to wait.
  4. If your going to upgrade in a month what difference does it make? Waiting for the 450 might be worth it.
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