Need help choosing a 1155 LGA Motherboard 4 2600k

My friend is building me a computer I picked out the Intel Core i7 2600k Sandy Bridge Proccesor.

What the 5 Top Motherboards or Just some suggestions price range is 200-400
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  1. Only 'some' of the LGA 1155 MOBO's are released, my favorite for the $:Features is the ASUS P8P67 DELUXE. However, it really depends upon what 'features' you need. For a strict Gaming MOBO the EVGA P67 SLI is very good. The problem is EVGA availability, and I am not a fanboy of 3-WAY with the P67 with large/multiple high resolution monitors. {see Building Chart}

    Top5 IMO:
    EVGA P67 Classified
    ASUS Maximus IV Extreme
    ASUS P8P67 WS Revolution
    EVGA P67 SLI
    P8P67 DELUXE

    Maximus IV Extreme {2~3WAY, x8...x8, Marvell 9182 [ASUS typo? 9128] RAID 0/1, eSATA, BT, Dual Intel LAN}
    P8P67 WS Revolution {2~3WAY & 4-WAY Quadro only, x8...x8, Marvell 9128 RAID 0/1, Dual Intel LAN}

    P8P67 DELUXE {2-WAY, x8/x8 + x4 open, Marvell 9128 RAID 0/1, eSATA, BT, Dual Intel/Realtek LAN, USB3 Ft Panel}

    P8P67 EVO {2-WAY, x8/x8 + x4 open, Marvell 9120 no RAID, eSATA, BT, Dual Intel/Realtek LAN, BT}
    P8P67 PRO {2-WAY, x8/x8 + x4 open, Marvell 9120 no RAID, eSATA, BT}

    SABERTOOTH P67 {2-WAY, x8/x8, Marvell 9120 no RAID, eSATA}
    P8P67-M PRO {2-WAY, x8/x8 + x4 covered, eSATA}
    P8P67 LE {cheap}
    P8P67 {cheap}
    P8P67-M {cheap}

    EVGA, maybe the EVGA P67 SLI non-Intel LAN and I 'think' Marvell 9128 RAID 0/1 {I know it offers SATA3 RAID 0/1}.

    Building Chart:
  2. I personally will probably end up buying the Asus P8P67 Pro. It has good overclocking options and has the Intel network interface and support for SLI (SLI is not supported in the base P8P67). However, the Sandy Bridge revision 3.0 Pro boards have not really been in wide supply, so there haven't been many opportunities to say if they are well-built or not.

    I personally am holding off on buying a Sandy Bridge MB until there are more in supply so users can evaluate a wide sample of them to see if they work well. I recommend doing the same.
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