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I need some help with making a computer. I was thinking of getting a i5 750 or maybe the 1055T or 1090T... For the i5 750 i was thinking of getting a Asus P7P55 Deluxe MoBo... and for the 1055T or 1090T im not sure what MoBo to get.... i was thinking of getting either a pair of HD 4850s or HD 4870s to use crossfirex on. I dont know if theres a better idea for a graphics card but thats what i was thinking. For memory i wasnt that sure what company to get but i was think probably 4G. For a power supply i was thinking a Corsair TX750W. I was just hoping for some suggestions and if this rig will work.
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  1. Please review this thread... READ BEFORE POSTING: Buyer's Guides and Troubleshooting and follow the "How to Ask for New Build Advise" and edit your post with the required template. You will get better feedeback by doing so.

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