Latest ATI drivers causing red line when dvds are played

Anybody know why with the latest drivers from ati would be causing a red line to be seen down the middle of my screen during dvd playback.

Please help thanks!

My card is an hd4650
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    The latest driver is not always the best driver...

    If you had a problem then revert back to the older one or the one which came with the driver inside CD...
  2. I did but the previous install must have messed it up because i'm still having issues with the old driver now!
  3. What OS did you use?
    From uninstalling and installing the new one, try use program called DriverSweeper, it make sure you don'r mess with the remaining from your previous driver...

    And what player? Have you try different player?
  4. I am using windows 7 ultimate 64 bit.Never had the issue till i tried ati 10.4 drivers!
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