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I have an i7 930 with Zalman CNPS 9900 LED yesturday I got like 46 temp when in windows mode doing nothing.. (think that's what idle temp is?)
I found a forum that explain how much paste to use. I found that I really had to much... like more than 4x or more than the forum post (like a rice corn)

So I did remove the Zalman clean it from all the phaste, did not clean the CPU but remove most of it with a credit card, than put some new paste on...
I used the credit card to make it flat a thin layer over the cpu... As a movie on youtube did, and as a picture I saw in one ot the forums (don't remember what forum :( )...

No my temp are 50 when started windows... I did a prime95? run with real Temp and got one core to 100 (not over 100) the rest around 80-100.

Like this..
Min 49 49 45 49
Max 90 100 80 100

I did the test in 8 min. This the temp was lower after 5 mines...

I found that strange.... less paste as all the forums... but seams to get higher temp now... that's not good right?

I have a fractal Design R3 case, with 9 fans. 120mm (fractals)
2 in front, one at the bottom, one at the side (the door) one back, two at top and than two added on the front but after the HDD out to the motherborad.
Like this.
Fan Motherboard fan HDD Fan
fan HDD Fan

Door Fan

Bottom Fan

So I think I got nice cooling... The GPU is like 30c... Board seams to be like 36...

The room is like 21...

Is it the Zalman that sucks, or me :)

Thanx... Johan
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  1. Image of my case, so you can see the fans.
  2. when you apply the paste, let the weight of the HSF spread out the paste (i.e, don't use a credit card to spread it out)

    also, clean all the paste off your cpu before applying more

    your temps are very high
  3. Shall I use as little as a rice corn?
    How do I clean the CPU? I used some hot water and dry the zalman...
    but can't use water on the cpu :( and don't have special cleaning equip... :/
  4. Q-tips with acetone, but make sure you hold the cpu upside down so it doesn't drip onto the chip

    you just need a dot of paste in the center of your cpu
  5. but all videos:
    show that they either use some plastic so spread it out or credit card. I'm confused... Some say not to use it...

    But why did more paste like really much paste like 4x what you telling me make the cpu go around 45 temp? and now with thinner 50?

    does the old paste (about 7 days old) make some strange heat problem?
  6. you probably had air bubbles. using the weight of the hsf to spread out the paste reduces your chance of getting air bubbles.
  7. ok.. it was really flat when I put the Zalman on... a thin spread layer...
    I must buy new paste now... it's gone :/

    A friend bought the same components, shall be interresting to see what temp he got's he did not put that much paste on as me, and did as you refer to...
  8. hum.,.. strange.
    Got EasyTune for my Gigabyte motherboard... It says 10 degrees less.
    SpeedFan and realtemp says like 49-50 Easy Tune says 38-39 ... Bios says CPU Temp: 42
    Now I'm confused. Whom tells the truth?
  9. Don't mean to be a smart ass but don't forget to reconnect the fan.
  10. ah, correction.. On second look at the picture I see the LED light is on on the cpu cooler and I hope that means the fan is also on.
  11. all my 9 120mm and mu Zalman, And Airflow are on :)
    That's the strange thing... And I can't understand why Bios shows one temp, Easy Tune another and SpeedFan some other values...
    The realTemp show almost the same as SeedFan can differ some value... +-1
  12. It's very common for different applications to return slightly different temperatures...+/- about 5-10 deg C....but if they are off by more then that id worry. I wouldn't worry about idle temperatures as much as average use temperatures (and full load). Other then that don't have much to offer in the form of help.
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