P6X58D Premium 12MB RAM (6x2mb RAM)

I just bought 3x2mb RAM identital to my other 3x2mb RAM already installed in my rig. OS only detects 8MB of RAM instead of 12MB.

I have not done any modification to BIOS since day one because I'm not familiar with tweaking.

Can someone out there who has the same MOBO tell me how to set the settings so that all 12MB are detected by my OS?

Another question is, do I have to tweak CPU settings to enjoy RAM speed of 1600? or can I simply change RAM settings?

I got 3x2mb RAM listed in my profile for $99.99, but G.Skill is selling 3x4MB for $139.99 but it's only 1333 speed.

Would it be better to go with 3x4MB (1333) settings vs 6x2MB (1600) settings?
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  1. Q - What exact sets did you get? There's several Dominator's - all with different CAS, etc. Please provide a link.

    ANS - Yes to achieve 1600 MHz you'll need to tweak the BIOS; see below. Set DRAM Frequency to DDR3-1600 MHz. XMP only works with 1 stick/channel.

    You Dominator's once set properly will easily out perform the G.SKILL 1333 MHz.

    Simple settings for now:
    Clear CMOS - Shutdown and hold the Clear CMOS button located at the I/O Shield next to the purple PS/2 - hold down for several seconds.
    DRAM Frequency -> DDR3-1600 MHz
    QPI/DRAM Core Voltage -> 1.65v {use closest value}
    DRAM Voltage -> 1.65~1.68v
    QPI/DRAM Core Voltage -> 1.25~1.30v

    Verify MSCONFIG:

    Verify Installed: {the key numbers are Hardware Reserved > 20MB, Installed = 12288 MB, and Total = (Installed - Hardware Reserved)
  2. The Dominator set I got are 8-8-8-24, 1.65v, Cas Latency 8. Corsair model # TR3X6G1600C8D. I've tried changing the settings as you have suggested by setting the RAM speed at 1600 and QPI/DRAM Core Voltage = 1.65v.

    I reboot my computer, and it won't boot. Don't I also have to change the voltage settings for VDIMM?

    I heard every cpu/mem pairing will have an optimal voltage differential between QPI/DRAM to VDIMM voltage usually between 0.01 to 0.5v difference. Fall out of the optimal differential voltage for cpu/mem pairing will = less memory detected and/or lower memory bandwidth reported compared to when optimal voltage differential is in place.

    So what should I change my VDIMM voltages to?
    When I change QPI/DRAM Core Voltage to 1.65v, 1.65v shows up in RED TEXT. Does this red text mean its setting is too high and dangerous? Should I lower it a little bit? Do I need better cooling? Am I going to damage my rig in a long run? I don't want to risk damaging my system, and I will be happy with average speed as long as it detects all 12MB.
  3. Actually, I made a mistake while being in a rush. Non damaging QPI/DRAM short term; values up to 1.45v+ long term don't damage; my OC RAM is running +0.2v above spec 7/24/365. The calculation is QPI/DRAM Core Voltage = DRAM Voltage - 0.3v. The lowest stable value is the better for longterm.

    DRAM Frequency -> DDR3-1600 MHz
    DRAM Voltage -> 1.65~1.68v
    QPI/DRAM Core Voltage -> 1.25~1.30v; failure up to 1.35v {if needed}

    Next set the timings 8-8-8-24-2N ; 2N is the DRAM Timing Mode

    Afterwards, run Memtest86+ 4-passes bootable CD/DVD {ISO/Zip} http://www.memtest.org/
  4. I am new and this thread seemed like the one I am looking for but may need a bit more info.

    I am running the ASUS P6X58D Premium with an i7 930 (not OC'd). I upgraded to 12GB recently and having issues getting them to run at 1600.

    I have a set of these(added when they were on sale) in slots 2, 4, 6 with these specs:

    I also have a set of these (Original when first put together) in slots 1, 3, 5 that look like this:

    The specs of all 12 together look like this:

    Any help to point me in the right direction to get me up to speed would great!!

    Thanks in advance, and apologies if I am re-opening an old thread or posting in the wrong place!
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