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So I have decided on getting an additional 3 120mm fans for intake (keeping the two Antec ones for out take, getting rid of my cheap and loud 120mm ones), and I also want to replace the CPU fan (currently using stock, makes a lot of noise as soon as it goes over 2500rpm, and it gets up-to 5000 sometimes...).

I am still considering getting some fan with a speed control, although I might just go for some that are quiet at max, although all fans can be controlled via voltage, they don't need to be PWM right? Thinking of getting the Xigmatek CLF-F1251 as they are meant to move a lot of air (61CFM) and are still very quiet (<20DBa).

I am really not sure where to go with the CPU-Cooler... I see everyone recommends these big half kg+ tower things. Not too sure I want one of those hanging off my motherboard, sounds like a quick way to break it (especially while moving the computer around, which it does going to and from university)?

Also is it worth it to get a filter for the side panel intake, and to use any of those anti-vibration things?

CPU: Phenom II X6 1055T
Case: Antec 300

Id like to get everything from a single UK site in order to keep shipping costs down.
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  1. I recently purchased this for myself, running a 965 BE@3.4 stock. And i must say I got around a 20*C drop. I know you mentioned youd like to stay away from the towers but this thing performs great, was just released into retail Jul. 28th I believe. Noise isnt bad, uses push/pull airflow tactics, and you have the option to mount it so the outtake is blown twords your rear exaust, or top exhaust.

    If you want to try entry water cooling, my brother recently purchased the Corsair H50 here . And it works great as well, but my case options left me with removing 1 of 2 exhaust fans, which would have been replaced by the radiator fans but my exhaust fans already there were bigger and high airflow.
    As far as vibration, both of those coolers employ rubber grommets to reduce vibration on the fans and coolers, and for filters, I have no idea, i should probably use one myself, being a smoker, my computer tends to suck it in once in a while itself.(I think its addicted worse than me)
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