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I got a few problems, i am currently wireing my new build, and i noticed there is 2 ATX connecters, one with 24 pins and one with 8, do just ignore the one with 8?

Also, my i took a optical drive from my other computer, and i can't seem to connect it with the motherboard because my motherboard doesnt have that collection of wires which looks like a wristband, i got no idea how i could get my optical drive working.. My Motherboard is a P6X58D Premium. Please help!
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  1. You need to connect the ATX 8-pin CPU connecor; otherwise the system won't work. If your new motherboard doesn't have an IDE connector, then you'll have to buy a new optical drive.
  2. You're supposed to connect both. I'm still new at this, but I believe the 24 pin one is for the motherboard and the 8 pin one is for the CPU.

    Optical drives now usually connect with a SATA cable, whereas older ones connected with an IDE cable (which is what your old one uses). I'm not sure how often new motherboards have an IDE connection available - I know my new mobo has one IDE slot, but if yours doesn't you'll likely have to buy a new drive.

    Though it's not all that big of a deal - they're really cheap, around $20-25 for a DVD burner off Newegg. Plus then you wouldn't have to run that monster of an IDE cable in your computer :-)
  3. Solved, thanks alot
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