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My motherboard has half of the EATX12V CPU plug covered. My power supply has plugs to fit the open and covered areas. Neither the CPU manual, motherboard manual, or power supply manual indicate if I need to use the covered area. The machine boots fine and appears to run correctly without it. Do I need to use the covered plug? Pertaining specs as follow:

ASUS P7P55D EVO LGA 1156 Intel P55
i7-870 Lynnfield 2.93GHz

While I'm asking I built an i3 HTPPC last month and it had the plug covered as well. I assumed the i3 would not need it. Was I correct in that assumption? Thanks.
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  1. If it has half of it covered you dont need to use the 8 pin but using the 8 pin wont hurt anything either.
  2. Yup, you can pry the cover off and use the 8-pin if you have one, or just use 4-pin and you'll be fine also.
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    I also would use the 8 pin plug.

    That's three experienced users in favor of.

    Yes. The i3 didn't need an 8 pin plug. But the same comment holds true. If your PSU has one, it won't hurt.
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