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i purchased a pc off of craigslist by some guy who sells custom pcs... at first it ran fine but then it started getting a blue screen with an error that mentioned something about an overclocked part. my friend told me that the problem was because i had a hacked version of windows 7 so i went to best buy and put in a legit copy. now my pc gets a black screen and sometimes comes up with an error saying something about the mother board before it died. it has a 750a sli force motherboard. can someone please help :D
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  1. You can try resetting the bios by pulling the board battery for maybe one minute with the system off and the power supply unplugged. Then look for instructions on the post screen for entering the bios, set the boot order to cd>hardrive, save and exit.
  2. Taking the battery out does not clear the CMOS memory. The only way to guarantee that the CMOS memory is cleared is by moving the clear CMOS link on the board with the power cord DISCONECTED at the mains.

    The symptoms you describe could be caused by a failing power supply or faulty memory if clearing the CMOS memory does not work.
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