Sooo over Raid 10, whats next?

Hi All,

So I run a RAID 10 in my main PC.

Four 500GB WD5003ABYX for a total of 1TB for OS (Vista x64 > Win 7 x64).
One 500GB WD Blue for data.
One 150GB Raptor for scratch disk.

The MB is a DP35DP with an intel q9300.



Yes. I know. My set up is getting long in the tooth. But until I stack the cash to build another super machine (This was super when it was built in 06'/07') This is working fine.

So on occasion a drive in the raid has failed. And I replace with another 500gb back up I have and send in the bad drive for RMA under warranty. No Problem.

One time the entire raid failed and I had to reinstall the OS. No problem. I keep decent backs, sort of. And the system needed a refresh anyway so, No Problem.

Fast forward to 2012. All the drives have been replaced (Via RMA). But the Raid has completely failed 3 times this year.
I cant tell what the heck is going on. I thought maybe it was a heat issue. So I replaced ALL the fans and got a new (better) CPU cooler. And still failing drive. My last thought was that maybe WD has been sending me refurbs?

But what ever the case I am soooooo (oooooooo...) over having my raid fail and having to reinstall everything.
Yes with proper back up its not that big of a deal but damn it is a pain in the a$$.

So I am considering going back to a single fast drive. And I will just clone it weekly. Done and done.

Is this a good idea? Your going to say, "Well it depends on what your pc is used for..." Gaming, Photoshop, After Effects and some video editing. Pretty much all hardware intensive usage.

But then I have also been looking at SSDs. Are they REALLY ready for prime time daily usage? I am really not trying to drop out 3 hundred bucks for the thing to reach EOL and have to be replaced in another year.

Thanks for you oppinions!
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  1. no one?
  2. YES to dropping RAID, given that you do backups properly. I'm seeing fewer and fewer cases nowadays where RAID is a good idea; I do tend to rant against it for the general public.

    I have seen a lot of happy messages about SSDs, a lot of unhappy ones that I consider to be nitpicking, a very few DOA or early-fail ones, and very few unhappy messages that look like general unreliability. Supposedly, you can write 100 GB a day and not wear out a drive for two or three years.

    The SSD is the single biggest boost that I have given my machine. And I don't even have an SATA III port for it; it is throttled by an SATA II port. I do backups, and mirror a few critical directories to another drive in real-time. In short, I treat mine the way I would treat any decent (but small) HDD, except that I don't worry about breaking it if I move the system while it is in use.

    There have been threads on the best way to use an SSD. I think for Photoshop there's a scratch directory that benefits from being on the SSD at, of course, the cost of increased wear.

    Dude, what's that thing stuck in your skull? Better go see a doctor pronto.
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