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I have a Gateway NV53 laptop. The adapter on the side of the laptop that the power cord plugs into needs to be replaced. I need to find a guide on how to properly take the laptop apart and install the new adapter. Does anyone know where I might could find this information. I have looked on Gateway's website but did not find anything hardware.

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  1. more specific: you need to replace the dc power jack. the adapter is the box that goes between the outlet and the laptop that converts 120vac into a much lower voltage dc for the laptop.
  2. sorry. not talking about the adapter. i want to replace the connector on the side of the laptop that the power cord plugs into. I am trying to find a good referance guide that will help me take the laptop apart properly.
  3. I too am looking for the disassemble manual for the Gateway NV53. Mine fell out of the front seat of the car and the LCD bezel broke. I have the parts on order, but I need to know if Gateway is hiding the documentation somewhere where I can see it.
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