ASUS P8P67 - BIOS - scrambled BIOS screen in HDTV

I have Vizio 37'' 720 HDTV and I am able to see only 40% of ASUS P8P67 - BIOS screen. Rest of the screen is cut off/scrambled. :fou: Luckily I was able to change the boot options as those are visible.

I use HDMI cable from XFX Radeon HD5670 Video card. Once OS boots, I am getting a perfect HD output. But somehow BIOS screen is not appearing correctly. I could see only Top Left portion.

Any help on how I can view the complete BIOS screen will be helpful.

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  1. can somebody help me in this?
  2. Any help?
  3. i have the exact same issue on a 42'' HDTV running the same mobo a 2600k and the HD6950 i have tried everything full formats and reinstall of windows, bios flashed to newest version, reinstalling graphic drivers and still same error and when i go into advanced from ezy mode i end up with graphical errors and still only half the screen
  4. is there seriously nobody that has a clue how to fix this problem? i thought this place was full of it wizzards
  5. bump!
  6. I have the same issue with a P8P67 LE + MSI HD 6950 + Samsung 46" HDTV using HDMI (tried DVI also), black screen @boot (the mobo doesn't show the bios prompt screen), press DEL to enter bios and only see 1/3 of the bios options plus the graphics are messed up. Had an Nvidia GTX 285 before and there where no issues. Really need help on this. :(
  7. People aren't ignoring you but rather as of right now I think the issue is that nobody has a fix for it. I have a M5A97 board with the same exact issue with a Radeon HD6850 and i have been able to confirm through other forums that this is not an AMD/Radeon issue but simply how ASUS has programmed their bios. I am keeping an eye on a few forums if a solution comes up but i have yet to see one.

    Sorry for the bad news but at least it's some kind of news.
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