Coolermaster V6GT in a TJ07

Pretty self explanitory. What i would like to know is if the V6GT will be too tall to fit in Silverstone TJ07 being utilised on a i7 920.
Currently I have a Xigmatek Achilles with the optional mounting kit. Which I believe has around 1mm clearance with the side panel on as my case doesnt have the window.

Also I do realise air cooling isnt a TJ07's strong point but w/cing is too much $ at the moment.

thanks in advance
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    Hello darkcat;

    It's not looking good for getting a CM V6GT your Silverstone TJ07.
    Your Xigmatek Achilles is 159mm tall and the CM V6GT is 165mm tall.

    Cooler Master V6GT
    Xigmatek Achilles S1284
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