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My alienware m17x r3's motherboard went today two days before I head off to college and I am trying to recover documents and other files from the Hard Drive. What is the best way to go about this and should I get someone that is a professional to do it. I am not a great hardware person but I have taken my computer apart before and installed ram. What i have been able to look up suggests that buying an enclosure with usb is the best route and if so is that simple enough for me to do myself?
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    If you're sure the motherboard is faulty, and your HDD is OK, you can go to nearest BestBuy / Fry's / etc, and get an external 2.5" HDD case (empty), it should not cost more that $20. Put your hard drive inside, now you have an external HDD you can plug into (almost) any computer and read off the data.
  2. What about one of these:

    You would pull your HD and connect it to the USB port of another computer to copy whatever files you want off of your HD.
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