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Connecting My Passport Essential to Xbox

Last response: in Storage
August 15, 2012 10:43:11 PM

Hello Everyone,

I am having some big troubles with my 300g WD Passport Essential external hard drive. I am wanting to hook it to my Xbox and use it as an xbox storage unit because I have the smallest xbox right now. I'm not even sure if my xbox has a hdd in it at all. So I looked up what I needed to do to make my xbox read my external hard drive. I downloaded (EaseUS Partition Master 9.1.1 Home Edition) and I formatted my external hdd to FAT32.
After I was done formatting I plugged it into my xbox and it read it and even played the stuff I had put on it, but that was before I configured it to my xbox. I will have to configure my passport to make it an xbox storage device. When I go to configure my passport it gives me a few messages, the first saying "This will remove all content on the device and configure it for xbox 360 storage. Do you want to continue?" I hit yes and my xbox starts to test my passport resulting in the second message which reads "Performance Warning: Your device is ready, but doesn't meet Xbox 360 performance recommendations. You may experience significant performance problems playing games from the device or saving games and profiles to it." I wasn't sure what to do at this time so I went ahead and pressed "Ok" and my 300 GB passport, which used to read as USB Storage Device on the Storage Device page was now a Memory Unit with 15.9 GB free space. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO ALL MY SPACE?!?!

So after freaking out about all the missing space on my hard drive I of course googled my booty off. The only thing I could think of was maybe formatting it to FAT32 made it eat my space, I also read a couple threads about this but I don't see how it ate up that much space. Also, when I plug my passport into my computer it reads all 300 GB. So why isn't my xbox reading all of the space and instead saying that there is only 15.9 GB, which isn't even the minimal for an xbox memory unit resulting in the performance warning. There is another option when on the configure USB Drive page, configure or customize. If I click customize it comes to another screen which says "Move the slider to adjust the amount of space you want to reserve for xbox 360 storage, after 512 MB is reserved for system use." Then it shows the slider that's highest amount is 16.0 GB. I choose the highest setting resulting in the same performance warning message. I noticed when I did this that even though in the system settings it said my device only had 15.9 GB of free space I had 15 GB in music and 8 GB in tv shows on it. I thought all of that stuff on there might be the reason so I did the full configure but nothing changed even though it gave me the warning saying everything would be deleted and everything was. The free space never showed up!!

So I guess what I want to know is why isn't my xbox reading all the space and how do I fix it so I can not only put my own music and stuff on it but also use it for an xbox storage unit for digital copies of games and my apps.
Oh I also tried to defrag my external hard drive which took 5 hours and that didn't change anything.

I'm sorry my question is all over the place and possibly hard to understand, but please please please someone give me some help here!

** I know that my os was an important factor when it came to formatting to Fat32 but I'm not sure if it's relevant anymore**
I am using My Passport Essential SN:WX70E99X6865 Drive Size:297GB Operating System:Windows 7 service pack 1 Firmware Revision:1.030
August 15, 2012 11:45:35 PM

ashmonke said:
The Xbox 360 allows a maximum size of 16 GB on USB drives


Okay, since it only supports 16 GB does that mean that my music and stuff will take up some of that space or is that 16 GB just for the xbox os and stuff I DL from Live?
I'm going to be so mad if I down graded my 300 GB HDD to FAT32 and am not going to even get to use 85% of it because you can't format back.
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August 15, 2012 11:56:05 PM

The 16 GB will be for saves, profiles, and downloads from Live.

I would just use a cheap 16 GB usb flash drive for the xbox and reformat your HDD so that you have full access to the 300 GB to store your music.
August 16, 2012 12:07:00 AM

ashmonke said:
The 16 GB will be for saves, profiles, and downloads from Live.

I would just use a cheap 16 GB usb flash drive for the xbox and reformat your HDD so that you have full access to the 300 GB to store your music.

I've had this HDD for like 3 years and have done nothing with it because I ended up getting a whole new laptop instead. I want to put it to use but I honestly wouldn't put more than 20 GB worth of stuff on it for personal use because I have my computer for all my music and the only thing I would put on it would be downloaded movies and TV shows that I can't find on Netflix. Plus, I read that once you format a windows os to FAT32 you can not re format it back, and the xbox wouldnt be able to read it anyways if it wasn't FAT32.
So do you know if it is possible to use the rest of the space for my stuff while the HDD is configured to the xbox?

I am so sorry if I sound dumb or slow.. I generally am when it comes to computer/hardware type things, but hey at least I am trying to work it out instead of taking it somewhere and spending buckets of money like the normal female population! hah.
August 16, 2012 1:27:10 AM

Once you format your HDD for xbox, the xbox effectively reserves 16GB for it's sole use. You cannot add your music or stuff to that space (unless it's downloaded from Live).

If you wanted to use the xbox to play music and media off of the HDD, then you should use that EaseUS Partition Master software to format the entire drive as FAT32. You can add music/media to the HDD from your computer and the xbox can read it.

Basically, the xbox is not smart enough to handle using the usb HDD as both xbox storage and media storage.