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CPU ID (or is it Z?) shows the -12v reading out of specification on my machine. It fluctuates, but is often as 'high' as -9.5v, sometimes -10.5v. Very rarely is it within 10% tolerance.

The +12v reading is bang on, as are the other voltages.

I've ordered another PSU to replace it.

How critical is the -12v supply and am I in danger of damaging any components by continuing using this PS in the interim?
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    the -12v and -5v reading arent accurate using software because it cant read the -12v so it throws out some very random numbers. your psu is fine.
  2. Thanks for the info! I searched and read a bunch of stuff before asking here. I doubt I would have found any info on disregarding the -12v signal otherwise.

    Hopefully its not too late to cancel the extra PS I ordered.
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