Asus P5KC Broken pin pci-e x16

Hello i have p5kc and it have broken pin at pci-e x16 (blue one) i currently have gfx in pci-e x16 electrical x4 (black) but i don't get much fps at games. Is possble to fix this pci-e slot or replace just this part ? or will also work with some pci-e x16 electrical x4 to electrical x16 ? i have ATI 5850 and LC Metatron Arkangel 850W
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  1. Everything is possible! Can you replace the slot or pin yourself or through a friend? If not then getting a replacement board would probably be cheaper.
  2. How are pins soldered ? normaly ? maybe you have any pic of it ?
    And where to buy another slot/socket on alibaba is minimum order 2000 sets
    on dealextreme and dhgate they sell pci-e x16 extenders for 5$ will be this ok to unsolder it and solder to mobo ? it have to be 164 pins right ?
  3. They are soldered on the backside off the board. Get it of another board or the extender if possible but it is a difficult job and can easily go wrong. Replacement board would be easier
  4. I saw on old mobo have AGP socket and is easy to unsolder and solder is pci-e same soldered ? if it this is easy just a lot hand work to do :) 164 pins do you maybe know where to buy just pci-e ? i haven't found any dead/broken mobo for cheap
  5. They are soldered the same way! That is the problem getting a hold of the spare parts!
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