New PSU is Loud at Boot

Ok so last month I upgraded everything in my computer other than my graphics card, I replaced my old generic 500W PSU with the highly rated 'Antec Truepower TP-650'.

It's been working fine but just recently I've noticed when I turn the PC on in the morning the fan is very loud, sounding kinda like a chainsaw lol. So I was wondering is it failing?

I would like to return if i can and if its on its way out already.

Other than the noise the pc runs perfectly fine, I'll post any info if required when asked.

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  1. Are you sure its the PSU fan? I bet you have something stuck in a fan, like a cable tie, or a fan is clipping on a power cable or something. Check ALL your fans.
  2. Well I have held my ear near when the case is open and it sounds like its coming from there, ill check when i but up on Sunday. Other than the graphics card its the only fan at the bottom of the pc, and i doubt the tiny fan on the 6600 can make a noise that loud.
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