Computer freezing during startup.

I built my system using
Windows 7 64 bit OS
Evga 780i FTW
Intel Core2 Quad Q9650
4 Corsair CM2x2048-8500C5
XFX Geforce GTX285 1gb
Hitachi 500gb harddrive
Antec 650w earthwatts psu

I had this system running originally untill the gpu crapped out. I RMA'd it then a few weeks later the board crapped out too. Went through around 4 boards before trying to replace other parts. RMA'd the psu, ram, and the cpu so now i'm back to square 1 but the system freezes during startup. I have tried running it with 1 stick of ram and bare bones out of the case on a bench. Nothing seems to work while testing this machine. Any ideas would be welcome.
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  1. Hmm, strange, so you've been having a lot of problems right? Maybe the PSU is frying everything, this might be something to take into account before making any decisions.
    So you bought the same board 4 times! You should have replaced it to another brand.
  2. I RMA"d it 4 times according to EVGA only the first one was bad but the problem I was having is that the board didn't support the CPU that I had without a newer BIOS update so I kept sending them back till they listened and sent me one with the newest BIOS update. I have replaced every major piece in the system including the Board, CPU, RAM, PSU, GPU and have used another harddrive that I know worked in another PC.
  3. It could be ur USB devices. unplug them before u startup, then if it works, plug them in one by one until u find the problem maker.
  4. I will take a look into that thank you.
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