Why is light red on lacie 2big quadra hd

I recently tried to take what I think is a failed hd from a lacie d2 Hd quadra 500g
and put it in one of the slots on my lacie 2big quadra. I figured if it didn't work in the 2T quadra than it was bad. It lit up red and wasn't recognized by my mac.
I took it out and replace the original 1T back into the slot and now i get a blinking blue light followed by a solid red.
the two lights on the back are both solid blue. The Hd appears to be correctly inserted into the slot. If i remove it, it would seem to me that it should work with just the one hd. It still gives me solid red light on front.
any suggestions. 2T hd was working fine before I decided to play with it.
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  1. Have a look in the Quadra manual for LED error meanings. This should tell you what solid red and blinking blue are.
  2. Thanks
    I looked at the manual after I send the question out, but not sure why it shouldn't be working. as stated below, the blue lights on the back are an indicator that the disks are still good.

    In LED Status Indicator page is says under the "if the format LED is:

    Solid Red

    "and the rear LED is:"

    solid red (failed disks) and solid blue (functional disks)

    "and the RAID mode is all ( mine, i believe set to fast not all)


    One or more drives have failed or are improperly inserted ; RAID is not functional


    If i pull out the HD and place it in my lacie d2 HD quadra 7200rpm
    will this do anything to the the HD and might it allow me to get my info back?
    the HD's appear to be same exact size shape etc, except the d2 HD quadra 7200rpm is a 500g and the one I wish to get info back from is a 1 T
  3. Hi Owen,

    I have the same exact problem you have... It happened today. I don't really have an idea on how to solve the problem... I'm just searching around to find some information.
    My LaCie is 6 months old and it has been used for less than 3 hours...
    I bought this disk to save 5 years of works, resulting in a 5 year's work loss.
    I honestly think that this is unacceptable.

    If you find a solution, please please please post a note...
    I'll do the same.


  4. Valerio

    My HD failed because I had it set to fast in the raid mode. when i pulled one of the hd out and tried to run it in another lacie hd, it wouldn't work because it uses both the hd's at same time to read the info when set in fast mode.

    I have a guy now trying to recover the info. its taking several weeks but he is seeing the files on his computer. i'm hoping in the next day or two my photos will be in those files.
  5. I have good evidence that the solid red means that the LaCie quadra's circuitry has determined that the internal fan is not operating as expected. Normally, the LaCie drive will fry an egg without active cooling. However if you have arranged for external cooling, the failure (or disconnection) of the internal fan will not matter (the drive will still operate fine)... but the red indicator will be showing.

    I figured this out because, after the horrible internal fan stalled and fried my drives, I replaced the drives with new, enterprise quality drives. After making sure the internal fan was spinning, these worked great for months, with no red light. Then, I set up an external fan, and disconnected the (did I mention "horrible") internal one. Red light. But everything still works fine, and is running nice and cool to the touch.
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