AMD Phenom II X6 1055T or AMD Phenom II 965?

Hey guys, I'm currently looking to build a new PC and I'm undecided as to which processor to put in. I'm curious because on most of the CPU benchmarks listed on the site indicated that the 965 actually outperforms the 1055T which makes me second guess my considerations of going with the 1055T. I'm building this computer to transcode and stream blu-rays to my PS3 and also to rip and convert blu-rays. The only gaming I will be doing on this PC is StarCraft II. In addition, is my understanding correct when I assume that once more software comes out that can actually utilize six cores you will see the 1055T outperform on those benchmarks? Thanks for the advice, and here are my additional specs that I was considering purchasing if anyone needs them.

mobo: Asus M4N75TD (AMD AM3/ NVIDIA nFORCE 750a SLI, 2 PCI-E x16, 2 PCI-E x1, 2 PCI, 4 DDR3, 6 Sata, IDE, Optical, Gigabit)
video card: MSI N240GT 1GB (Nvidia, 16x PCI-E, DDR5, VGA/HDMI/DVI)
ram: 4 GB Of OCZ (DDR3 PC3-10666 / 1333MHz / Gold Edition / Low Voltage / 4GB / Dual Channel)
psu: Orion 480w ATX (I've got a cheap one lying around)

Thanks guys! for any advice
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  1. Indeed thuban will outperform as long as all cores are being used at the same time. For your needs a 955 is plenty. Its not worth it to sacrifice mainstream performance for a simple minute or 2 conversion reduction that thuban will offer especially considering the fact that video cards can encode and rip a hell of a lot faster than a CPU can. Get a 955 and drop the saved money on a beefy video card and you will be set. That's what I would do.
  2. werxen, thanks for the advice. Any suggestions on a video card? I was looking at the Sapphire 5750 1GB (ATI, 16x PCI-E, Tripple Head, Dual DVI, HDMI, Display Port Capable, DirectX11). Any thoughts?
  3. I probably wouldn't go with anything less than a 5770 for SC2.

  4. I guess its the higher clock speed on the 965 which does the trick over the 1055T.. It seems that AMD has lowered its prices on many CPU's including the 955 and 965 (on both by 20$).. If you are not so much comfortable with overclocking your CPU then by all means go for the 955/965 however, i feel the hexa core 1055T will be more suited to your majority of the tasks.. I too would recommend a minimum 5770 for the video card..
  5. 5770 as a bare minimum? Which one would you recommend as optimal (price is a concern, as I do not want to overpay for power that I will not be fully utilizing)? I have no issues with overclocking the CPU, however, my only concerns are according to the benchmarks listed on this site the 965 outperforms the 1055T. Granted, the price is basically negligible ($50.00 difference) but I just figured why pay extra for something that performs less? Am I wrong in this reasoning? Any further explanation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Like i posted before, the higher clock speed on the 965 is the reason of it outperforming the 1055T in most cases.. If you are comfortable with overclocking, then the 1055T will be more beneficial and a long term solution for your uses which comprises about 3/4th of CPU heavy work such as transcoding.. As for the video card, Raidur has posted the charts and the HD 5770 with 30+ minimum frame rates looks a good card for the game.. If you can afford higher models though, i'd recommend the GTX 460 768 MB
  7. Thank-you for the advice. Seeing as the GTX 460 is only $30.00 more than the 5700 where I will be purchasing this from I will go with the GTX. I will take a look into overclocking the 1055T and decide whether or not I want to do it. If I do I will go with it if not I will go with the 965. Thanks all for the advice. It is greatly appreciated. If anybody else has any other advice in regards to my setup feel free to advise. It will be greatly appreciated!
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