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Hi All,

A member of our I.T department has done something to all the computers on the network.

everyone gets the same message when you either put a disk into the computer or a usb stick we get drive not accessible as far as we know he has written a program or put something into a program that effects all the computers on the network.

I have worked out that if we have a new member of staff and we issue them with a new computer or if we do a full windows re/install they have full access to all their drives but i cannot give all our staff new computers and it will take ne weeks to do the re installs, Has anyone got any idea of how to clear this problem all the computers are running on XP professional edition and if it helps the computers are NEC powermates
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  1. if your on a domain, an administrator can easily deploy a new group policy object to prevent the use of usb devices and/or dvd drives. this is done on the domain controller and any computer logging into the domain is affected by the policy (unless otherwise specified.)

    check the following on a computer with working dvd and usb devices and one without.

    right click my computer hit properties
    go to the computer name tab
    look under the full computer name
    and note what each say

    I suspect this has something to do with group policy
  2. You need seek for hackers or expert to help.
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