Graphic card space problem !! LOL

Hi, im using a Hp compaq dc7700 small form factor PC, info here

Duo core 2.13 Ghz
3gb ram
integrated Intel graphic media accelerator 3000

I was wondering if any1 knows a good (pci-e) graphic card which is small, low profile, and good. ( good enough for online games, i dont play those high quality games like crysis or cod4). This PC model has a card riser to enable it to use full height graphic cards, the problem is it only supports PCI not PCI-e =\

i think the max room to put the graphic card is <=3" height and <=7" length

ps. im a computer noob and thanks for any replies
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  1. An HD5570 is the best low-profile low-power card. I would not recommend a low-profile 9800GT because of the heat it produces in a small case.
  2. The HD5570 looks like a decent low power, low heat option. Make sure it comes with the low profile bracket.

    There's an article / review of the HD5570 here:

    It certainly won't be playing Crysis, Bad Company 2, or things like that. But to play World of Warcraft or something simple like that it should do fine. It managed to play Left 4 Dead @ 1920x1080 at max quality to my surprise. :)
  3. oo looks like it will fit, thanks for the replies, seems abit pricey tho
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