I really need some help. Major issues.

Hello, My computer completely crashes, the screen goes black then into stand by, the audio loops, except for lately, it just continues playing whatever it was playing which is strange. It only happens if im playing a game, usually faster if I have the detail at a decent level, which wouldn't bother me for having it at low but now its doing it even if I have everything at minimum. I've updated drivers, got some windows updates (Desperate >_<), ive tried more cooling which didn't make a difference and I even tried vista which was a complete mistake because it didn't help and I had to use vista for a short while.
Specs -
Motherboard: 790XTA-UD4
CPU: AMD Phenom II 955 black edition 3.2 quad core
Heatsink: Coolermaster V8
GPU: MSI N9800GT T2D512 OC Edition
Ram: 4gig Kingston DDR3 1333
HDD: 500gig seagate 7200rpm Sata2
Power supply: Trimax 600watt dual fan
Case: Thermaltake WingRS
OS: Windows 7 Professional 32bit
I'm pretty positive its not a cooling issue >_<, but I have a feeling it might be my graphics card, not thermal shut-down though because it usually reaches the same temp with any game and with some it will turn off faster then others. And when I build this machine, I used a anti-static matt, the wrist thingie that goes onto the case, screw drivers with rubber handles, and on a earthed surface.
I have no idea whats wrong and ive tried alot to get it working again, the only thing that I can think of doing is geting a new graphics card which is a little problem because I dont really have any money, and I think it could maybe be my psu, I dont think there well known and I couldent find them, and it worked great with my old system but now that ive got some hardware that takes a bit more im not sure whether it can cope or not, Any help would be much appreciated and ill be happy to give any further information, Thanks for the help if you know anything that might. (And I wasnt really sure what to put in as the topic considering I dont really know whats wrong with it xD, And its only been happening recentally, it use to work amazing)
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  1. cant u borrow a video card from a frind and test to see if it does the same errors?
  2. Weird OS choice, but anyway.

    1. What are your temps? What software are you using to monitor then? Good one is HW Monitor from CPUID.

    2. Drivers and windows should always be kept up to date...

    3. What game? Have you checked Nvida forums to see if any specific issues with that GPU and game/settings?

    4. Any BSOD codes?

    5. Are RAM and CPU stable? IE 8 passes minimum of Memtest with RAM and 12 hrs with Prime 95 for CPU?
  3. If possible, also try swapping power supplies or taking your graphics card to another (friend's) computer for testing.

    -Wolf sends
  4. Im pretty sure the games I play are compatible, even borderlands which was apparent ally designed to work better with nvidia cards dies. but I usually play, Modern warfare 2, mass effect 2, borderlands, Bad company 2 on occasion, starcraft 2 beta, and recently cabal and that just made my computer crash >_<. Im not geting any BSOD, And I dont have access to another graphics card or power supply, My drivers are up to date, I check them fairly regularly. And Ill try memtest then Prime 95, But im certain there not the problem. Could it be a motherboard thing?, when I first bought this motherboard it was dead, I sent it back and they replaced it but could it of been the whole batch or however it works? (Im not really sure >_<). and I usally use Speedfan for temps, and MSI Afterburner for my graphics card, I use to use evga precision, not sure why I dont anymore, this seems to work just as well.
    And out of curiosity, how is it a weird os choice? O.o. My step dad only had professional and said that he didnt want to deal with some of ultimates problems, but im the only one using win7, everyone else uses xp.
  5. You should just use HW monitor for temps. It's a convenient way to get everything in 1 place.

    I could be several components that aren't working properly. Prime 95 and MEmtest eliminate RAM and CPU. Unfortunately only way to test GPU, PSU and Mobo/CPu are to either swap in known working components, or put these components into a known working system.

    OS wise, it's odd you got a 32 bit OS instead of a 64bit OS.
  6. Ah, I dont know why he didnt get 64 bit, He got it through work and thats what they wanted so I guess thats why, and im running prime 95 now, my cpu is only at 56-55, and there's nothing wrong what so ever, it said it will test my memory too, but ill also try memtest, do I have to pay for memtest?.
  7. And thanks alot for all the help
  8. memtest is free also. Make sure you actually run both programs for the recommended times. Best to do it over 2 nights.
  9. Okay, But ill leave prime95 that I just started running for a while, Everything is still fine
    temps: (Idk what temp1,2,3 are)
    There not really changing either
  10. My processor and memory are perfectly fine apparently. What should I do now? >_< and its getting worse. Ill only have enough to buy either a power supply or gpu, i'm sure its my power supply, its a no name thing from some place in Asia.
  11. What should I do now?, Which one do you think it would be?
  12. i would say yes, its the power supply.
    try one like this:
    or if you want something a little pricier but better:
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