Graphics card for motherboard H-IG41-uATX

Having problems adding graphics card on this motherboard. I need it to run 2 monitors, but the motherboard only has 1 VGA output.
Just using the PC for office apps, etc - not gaming.
Tried a Gainward 8400GS but could not get it to work. And no idea why. The PC wouldn't even fire up when I slotted the card in place...
Any help?
I should say I'm not a techie... just a basic understanding.

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  1. Hi,

    should have started correctly with that card.

    You could try a 4350 or 5450, as you have only a 180w psu (this is a hp built?)

  2. Tell us the rest of your components....
    CPU? RAM? Mobo? PSU?
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