NVIDIA GeForce GT 220

With very hard earned money I am buying this pc
Core i3
GeForce GT 220 Graphic card DDR2
4GB RAM and 500GB HDD.

I use photoshop, website designing tools and some basic level gaming. Is my combo ok? Do I need to change some? I may not be upgrading for atleast 5 years and need speed.
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  1. I have a choice of using Nividia 220 or 9600GT....which one is good? I am not into heavy gaming but video watching and basic games only.
  2. i would have to got for the 9600GT as i use to have a gt 220 my self the 9600gt is way better all round
  3. Based on THG Best Graphics Cards for the Money, the 9600 GT looks like the better card.
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