Samsung 830 256GB performance check.

Hi guys,

My Crapbook is a: HP Pavilion dm1-4027sa wth BIOS Hewlett-Packard F.02.

I bought a Samsung 830 256GB. Quickly plugged her into my desktop and download Samsung Magician and run the firmware check. I came back with latest already on there so I was good to go!
Did fresh install etc. and used the OS Optimization option (which turns of Disk Defrag , indexing service etc.)

I ran WEI and got 7.9.

TRIM is running as I get returned '0' when I enter the cmd: fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify

I ran AS bencmark and got:

Is the above ok normal?

My BIOS does not have the AHCI support option.

Device manager shows IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers, I'm currently using the AMD Sata Controller

I want to try with Microsoft drivers but how would I get theses AMD Sata Controller drivers back once I uninstall them? (And benhmark these and see which gives the better results)/

However, is this normal? Sorry, it is my first SSD.

I think its SATA3G

Sorry guys/girls if I was unable to provide any further information.

Thanks everyone,

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