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What is the main difference of Western Digital Blue & Black HDD (not Velociraptor). Both Blue & Black HDD are 7200 RPM but Blue is cheaper then black one.

I want to upgrade my present hdd (5year old WD sata 160 gb) to a new Sata III hdd .
My PC Configuration is:
AMD Phenom II 970 CPU, ASUS M5A97 MBD, 4 GB Kingston DDR III Ram, Zotak 9600 GT/512 mb GPU (from my old PC), Cooler Master 550 w PSU, & 160 gb WD Hdd (from my Old PC). My main use of this pc is Photoshop CS3, Playing HD Video, Occasionally game etc.
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    Blue has a 2 year warranty, Black has a 5 year. Black are slated at 7200 RPM, but are 10-15% faster than other 7200 RPM hard drives. Blue is considered average, Black is considered Elite. Blue is not that much cheaper than Black unless you buy it on sale. Right now Newegg has the Blue for $30 off, which I am about to buy 2. There is very little real world difference in blue vs black. If you are looking for speed you should get a SSD anyway, and have a HDD as storage.
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