"Per Core" settings for unlocked Athlon II 425 to Phenom II B25

The unlock part is easy, trying to stabilize the system, however, way different story. AMD AOD tests always stop fairly quickly or crash the pc (if I get it to desk top) so I haven't even bothered with Prime95 at all. That being said, my system as a whole goes unstable in the normal Athlon II 425 setting when OC'd to anything over 2.97Ghz (220 freq setting). So I'm leaving at this max and trying to work from there. Asus MoBo M4A785T-M with the most current bios (think it's v 2250 or something close, released 6/2010).

I've read that using the "Per Core" setting instead of Auto is the better/easiest way to create stability, but after a solid 4 or 5 hours now, I'm unable to attain it. I tried first on the Auto setting, and that was as bad an environment as any manual setting. So does anyone have a stable setting for this combination?

Admittedly I've not tried every possible combination of +12% through
-12% because I'm worried about damaging the cpu, mobo, or more. The only thing I've really heard is the cores normally operate between -4% and 0 but no specifics. I was trying to keep the base 0, 1, 2 core values the same and varying the unlocked 3 core. Logically if the 3 operating cores are the stable, cooperative ones, that was why I was working in this method... but either I'm not correct in that or just can't find the right setting.
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  1. Well the 4h core can be unstable no matter what... see what you can do on 3 cores first. If you get up to 2.97ghz and it becomes unstable on 3 cores, it's usually a matter of more voltage which Auto won't do (don't know what "per core" is but setting a manual voltage across all cores is normal and recommended).

    If you add a whole lot of voltage and it just won't get stable, chances are you have to look elsewhere. Sometimes it's a setting like Cool N Quiet that is causing issues, or other similar functions.

    Otherwise, sometimes you just hit a wall and that's that.
  2. yeah starting to seem that way... finally giving up, but bumping my own thread one time to see if anyone can save my wasted day :sweat:
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