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Hello all,

I am thinking of moving from my current ATX system (in an Antec 900 case) to a mATX build. The reason I am thinking of doing this is I will be taking the rig with me to college and I want something that I can take to LAN parties on foot. I was wondering if anyone could let me know some good cases. I am going to recycle parts so I will be using a mATX board with a LGA 775 socket, which means no SLI/Crossfire for now. However, I want the case to have SLI/Crossfire capacity for when I upgrade in the future. I also want the case to be able to hold the big 10.5+" cards and a couple hard drives. So far I've found these cases that look appealing:

-Antec Mini P180
-NZXT Rogue

Any more?

Thanks in advance
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  1. The CM Storm Scout is not that big and has a handle.
  2. Silverstone SG03
  3. Silverstone SG-02F
    Silverstone TJ-08B
    Aerocool QX-2000
    Aerocool M40
    Cooler Master 341
    NZXT Vulcan
    Thermaltake LANbox Lite
  4. i would go with the NZXT Vulcan , looks great
  5. Thanks for the replies, I'm thinking the Vulcan will be it, it's a good price and looks to be a good product.
  6. You are welcomed and happy shopping/building ^^
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