Hard drive issue

Jus recently bought xbox 360 slim hard dive (320gb).
At first,I plugged it in my laptop and worked perfectly fine like a USB.then I plugged it in my console and formatted the hard drive,now when I plug it in my laptop,the laptop doesn't show any response tot the hard drive..
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..
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  1. I'll have to be honest with you, I don't own an Xbox 360 so I don't understand the details behind the file system they use for their hard drive; that being said, if the file system is propriety to the console (I wouldn't be surprised if it was) then your operating system on the computer will likely not be able to detected (i.e. not FAT32, NTFS, etc.)

    Is the hard drive detected in BIOS at least? If you go to Disk Management does the drive show up in there?
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