Found the Cause But the Solution? "Weird Lines Ati HD Radeon 3870"


I've been using this video card for months without a problem. I've removed it from my pc and placed it in my office computer several times. Yesterday when I put it back in to my own pc. It was working fine all evening. After I've slept and woke up, it stopped working and now it is showing weird lines even at startup (I mean the BIOS screen). Windows won't load and I can only open Windows in safe mode but even then there are weird lines all over the screen. But when I change the resoultion from 800x600 to 1280x1024 the number of the lines are decreased and pulled together.

My motherboard is:

Gigabyte GA-m57SLI-S4 Rev 2.0

My Cpu is:

AMD Athlon X2 245 2.92 Ghz

And I have a 400 Watt PSU.

Could anyone please tell me what is the problem and is there anyway to fix it?
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  1. Bump!
  2. Seems like overheat, but don't know for sure, maybe someone experienced will prove otherwise.
  3. Thanks but if it was because overheating I don't think the lines would appear just the time i turn my pc on. Or maybe the overheating caused a permanent damage. I don't know and I am seeking for any kind of help is available.
  4. Do you have another computer? you can try your card there to make sure whether the card is broke or not...
  5. What brand and model is that psu? Also if you can try it again in the office pc to rule out your personal system being in some part a cause of the issue. While doing so inspect the card for missing elements (those tiny nameless components), you will be able to tell if there was something there.
  6. Thank you for your answers wa1 and nforce4max. I've tried it in my office pc and it didn't work there either.

    My psu brand is frisby and the model is: FR-PS40F12

    I don't think it is because of my system. Because it was working fine until using it in my office pc several times.

    Could it be physically damaged. Could a physical damage cause this kind of error, or static electricity?
  7. The psu is crap but shouldn't be the cause of your problems. I'll repost later.
  8. Bump! Does anyone have an idea?
  9. azmaniacs said:
    Bump! Does anyone have an idea?

    Clean the card so that it is free of any dust while inspecting for any noticeable damage like missing components or burn marks. Also cleaning the slot connector wouldn't be to bad of an idea at this point. Make sure that the monitor cable doesn't have any bent pins or corrosion. Check the psu for signs of failure like brown or black spots on the pcb near the mosfets and diodes. Then try again, if nothing helps at this point you will need to get a replacement.
  10. Thank you for your help nforce4max. But I found what caused it. Yesterday I was trying my card one last time and even that i didn't attach the extra power cable it started. (Normally it would make an alarm noise when you don't attach the power cable.) After that I've asked my brother and learnt the truth. He said he forgot to attach the extra power cable and then he went to the restroom for 2 minutes. When he came back, the display had weird lines all over it. So why does it start when the extra power cable isn't attached? Have any ideas or solutions? Thank you...
  11. Who knows, it is odd for it to do that but I guess it is analog and isn't able to tell if it is there or not. At least it is working for now.
  12. No it is not working. It is working but there are still weird lines all over the display :( I wonder what is damaged and could it be replaced or repaired.
  13. More than likely he damaged the card when he screwed up, the power stage is more than likely fried meaning there just enough power any more going to the gpu core or vram. You are going to have to replace the card. Since he tinkered around with it and didn't finish before power was turned on he should replace it.
  14. Well thank you very much for your help nforce4max, if you don't mind I have another question for you. Would it work if I tried to crossfire this damaged card with a new 3870 that I bought? And would it be better to buy a new graphic card and crossfire it or buy a better one and use it as a single. Please don't mind my English, it is not my native language.
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    I might work so give it a shot as a slave.
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