Iomega 1 tb home network storage nas data recovery help

Got iomega 1 tb home network media storage nas drive which has some data
on it .
The device doesnt recognize on the network, thing the internal power supply is at fault,

Opened the drive and connected the hdd which was seagate one to usb drive by usb to sata connector The hdd is recognised the disk management with 3 partitions which are healthy, wont show any data as its in ext 3 format.

Now ive got a same new nas drive. Can I swap the new hdd in it with my seagate one and will it work to copy the data from it, Do I have to format it to work like show up on my network, but want the data from it.

The nas drive has got a usb drive on it as well Can I install the new nas drive as it on my network And plug the usb of the old hdd by the sata to usb connector, Can this be done, will it work so that I can transfer data from my old hdd to the new nas drive.

Whats the best way for me to get the data of my old hdd Thanks Ps pc os is win vista and have got 8 port gigabit switch as well
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  1. Hopefully I've understood you correctly.

    1) It seems like you should be able to take old hard drive that has failed simply swap it out with the new hard drive that is located in the new NAS. You could then use the HD that you are not using in the NAS for another internal drive or perhaps purchase another enclosure for it.

    2) If you are wanting to transfer the data from the old drive to the new one, you will likely need to do so on a Linux-based machine since the EXT 3 file system is (as i'm sure you've noticed) probably not going to be fully recognized in a Windows machine. Though I'm typically a Windows user, Linux is great for transferring data and creating/copying disk images. With that being said, there may be some type of middle-ware out there to help work with EXT 3 in Vista - just have to do some searching.

    Someone else may be able to provide better advice for getting EXT 3 to work in Vista so it operates similarly to FAT32 in regards to file copying.
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