New mb or new video card?

I just built up a new system with an Asus M4A785-M mb with onboard ATI Radeon video, 2x2gb Crucial DDR2 800 ram, AMD Phenom X4 2.5ghz, still using XP sp3 (not ready to upgrade due to hardware/software issues) and a decent PS. I'm getting the ATI2DVAG BSOD error, which is a problem that's been ongoing for years now and there's no specific solution. This isn't acceptable to me, I can't even use Vegas Video without it locking up. I have two possible solutions...RMA the board, or buy a separate video card. My preference would be to buy a new card and be done with it...I'd rather not rebuild and then reload the system + ship the old board back etc. My question is, do you think that will eliminate the error? The error is due to the ATI video onboard, and if I install a new card it should bypass the onboard video. I would appreciate any thoughts on the matter.

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  1. Get a discrete card only when you have tried out every possible solutions.. Read this first -
  2. Thanks for the reply. I've done most of that...uninstalling drivers, downloading and installing the latest and it doesn't seem to make any difference. This system is only about a week old, and I want to take care of it right up front. Would adding a discrete card cause other issues do you think?
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    Getting a new card will save you from the hassles of re-installing the OS which you might need to do if you go for a new motherboard.. Apart from a slightly increased power consumption (depending on which card you choose), a discrete card has all positives to offer.. Like improved system response and performance, better video and gaming performance etc.. Just make sure your PSU has the ability to provide it with the required power..
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  5. My ATI2DVAG problem has been solved...I ended up adding a $22 Asus PCIe card that has better specs than the onboard graphics. With all of the tales of horror I've read online regarding this error, it seems like a no-brainer solution to install a discrete card. Weeks or months of frustration vs $22...your choice!

    Thanks for the help everyone, I do appreciate it.

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