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Hello, i would like to upgrade my hp desktop. Which has a Hp and Compaq desktop PCs- Motherboard specification, M2YV68-LA(Narra5). I would like to put a MSI N450 GTS Cyclone Ge Force GTS 450 (fermi) 1gb 128-bit gddr 5 PCI EX press 2.0x16. Does anybody have any idea if that would work?
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  1. what model is your HP? i cant seem to find that motherboard online. Does it have a pci-e x16 slot? also how much wattage is your PSU putting out? I would recomend at least a 500 PSU, maybe more depending on everything else inside your computer. also check the dimensions, how much space is available? this is a card that will take up the space of two slots, so is this an option for you? Dimensions are very important cause if it doesnt fit you cant use it!
  2. It is a Hp P6627, Motherboard, is M2yv68- la (narra5), 250 PSU, dimensions of motherboard is 9.6x9.6
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