Asus ASUS VW266H vs. Samsung XL2370?

Hey everyone. I've been struggling with a future monitor purchase. I having trouble deciding between the ASUS VW266H or the Samsung XL2370. The primary purpose is gaming and the secondary purpose is general web browsing. The types of games I play are mostly RTS and RPG (WoW). I do play some FPS, but not nearly as much as the previous two. I have heard mostly positive things about the Sammy, and they of course are known to make quality displays. I have also heard both really good things and some bad things about the Asus. I feel that with the large size of the Asus my games (especially RPGs) will be more immersive with that much real estate to look at. I also want colors to be vibrant, sharp and to pop off the screen. The immersion factor is important to me and is why I am strongly considering the Asus. Does anyone have experience with these screens? Thank you.
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  1. Screen poping color won't happen with either monitor as they are TN. The worst of the monitor technologies for color.

    But those are decent displays for their class. I would go for the XL2370.

    If you want a quality monitor with top notch color, look into the Dell Ultrasharps. They are IPS panels which is superior to TN in terms of color and viewing angle and accuracy but they are considerably more expensive.
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